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    How do you keep the soldering iron clean. I use 60/40 solder with a wet sponge for cleaning but to no luck. The iron has no heat control which might be the problem. I have a lot of soldering to do today and would like not to have the hassle, thanks for suggestions!
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    I just went to a site and showed me the way to do it. Thanks anyway!

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    I use a moist sponge too, and it works well for me. I have seen pros use what looks like a pot of brass swarf. I am curious as to what the site said, while a sponge works well for me, I am no pro and maybe something else would work better, since I started using lead free solder my tips erode much faster, and maybe the heat cycling of constantly cooling it down on the sponbge and reheating it doesn't help.
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    I use moist sponge too, never a problem. After you wipe the tip, the tin should be shinny and tightly "coating the tip area", if there is a blob, the only way is to flick it off, a quick wrist movement will do. Just be sure you have a place to flick because the solder balls up to many piece.
    As said above, the tip has a definite service life span and it can get eroded and that's when things go south.
    A good working tip should always have a layer of tin on the tip that looks shinny and conforming to the the shape of the tip.
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    I tried both ways and the brass swarf is my second choice as it does no clean and keep the tip shiny as the moist sponge.Gill

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    Clean iron and tin area and use a wet sponge.

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    Tried to type more to answer posters but I was proof reading as I go and it doesn't like slow typers!

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    Best to wrap solder around cold iron after cleaning and plug iron in and all will be great.

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    NativePaul- Try leaded solder which seems to not blacken iron as much. Best I can help you. I read you guys post a lot. I'm kind of a young loner at 81 1/2. Been at this hobby since 1991.

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    Also prolonged heating when you have idle time will oxidize the tip, I turn off the rig and let it cool off a bit and wipe with wet sponge again, it will retain the shine, good for next session.....
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    I just recently got some Hakko FS-100 tip cleaning paste that is supposed to work really well. I can't comment on it myself I haven't had to use any just yet



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