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    Default Offshore Electrics Forum Rules

    OSE General Forum Info & Rules:
    Registration to this forum is free. All we ask is that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below.

    Our number one goal is to promote the hobby of Fast Electric Remote-Control Boating. By joining the OSE forum, you have agreed to help in that effort. The OSE Forum is a sort of online club/group. Please treat people as you would like to be treated. The best way to do that is to please treat people as if they are standing in front of you. Please understand that written text cannot convey emotion very well. The smiley icons can help convey that emotion into your text.

    Although administrators and moderators of Offshore Electrics Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review each & every messages. If you feel there is member bashing, profanity or a general issue in a thread that's turned the thread in a negative direction, please contact a moderator. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Offshore Electrics Forums, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin), nor any moderators be held responsible for the content of any message. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, discriminatory, threatening, or otherwise violation of any laws. The owners of Offshore Electrics Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.

    Cursing (with exception of the Jokes section), nudity and discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated at all.


    Moderators role:
    Moderators are volunteers. Like yourself they are OSE Forum users that enjoy our hobby. The moderators have been chosen to help the threads stay on track and make sure forum rules are obeyed. Please respect them. If you feel you have a issue with a moderator, please email.
    the administrator of the board.


    Member Bashing:
    On a site with as many members as the OSE Forum has, there will be conflicting opinions or suggestions. Remember everyone has a right to his or her opinion. What they don't have is the right to name call or bash another member. Any thread or post is derogatory towards another member's intelligence and/or reputation will be immediately deleted, and the bashing member will be dealt an infraction. This also applies to any rebuttal in defense. You can still respect someone that you disagree with, so please treat each other as you would expect to be treated. Please contact a moderator to handle issue and allow him to do the dirty work.


    OSE Swap Shop Rules:

    * This is a free swap shop. We want to make sure things go well, but we cannot take responsibility for the buyer or seller actions. The buyer or sellers is not affiliated with Offshore Electrics Inc in any manor! So, take care when purchasing or selling!!
    * Opinions on prices in threads will be deleted.
    * Chit-Chat after the sale will be deleted and the thread closed. Please take any chat after the sale to PM, email, or start another thread in the appropriate forum.

    Items for Sale or Trade:

    1. Every item must have an actual digital picture on the first post. The Picture MUST be the actual item, not a "representation", stock photo or a link to another photo or website. Violating threads will be deleted.
    2. Every item must have a price listed with it. This section is NOT for bidding/auctions.
    3. Clearly state the item description with all the particulars. For Example, Extra parts? Missing Parts? Running? Not running? New? Used? Damaged?
    4. Be sure to ship the item in a reasonable amount of time. It shouldn't take a month to ship something out. If there is a delay communicate with the buyer.
    5. Use a shipping method that tracks or confirms a package was delivered! If you need to use a particular shipping service, state this in your description, UPS,
    FedEx or USPS. Remember UPS/FedEx have tracking, USPS only has delivery notification, which doesn't show where the package is or isn't.
    6. On high dollar items, consider an arrangement with the buyer about the option for "signature required."
    7. ALL offers and deals MUST be done on the forum and NOT in private messages!
    8. Once the deal is agreed, please mark the item on the OSE Swap Shop, "Pending Payment".
    9. Once the item is paid for, mark the item, "Sold."
    10. It's required that you state insurance or no insurance with your shipping and handling charges.
    11. Bumping threads is limited to once a week. "To the top", TTT or anything else that bumps the thread to the top will be deleted. Repeated bumps will cause the entire thread to be deleted. If the item isn't selling consider, reducing the cost, adding more details or more photos.
    12. NO PayPal fees can be added to the listing. For example, $20 and if paid with PayPal an extra 2%. As a user of PayPal, it's against the PayPal rules and regulations to charge a fee to a buyer. Asking buyers to send payments by PayPal "Gift" is also not allowed. If need be, add the associated cost of the PayPal fees to your item cost.
    13. Off-site links to auctions (eBay) or to other RC forums will NOT be allowed. They will be deleted as soon as we find them.
    14. WTB or Wanted threads have their own board and will be deleted if posted in the "items for sale" board.
    15. Clone hulls are required to be identified by their manufacturers name and NOT the copy's name. Ex: Brand x 33" hull (not DF33 clone or DF33 copy) infringements of this rule will be deleted upon discovery.
    16. This area is for consumers, not for commercial establishments to advertise products.
    17. Sellers should take special care when shipping used Battery packs. Follow all shipping carrier rules for shipping these items.
    18. All offers MUST be presented within the thread. Private Message (PM) deals will not be tolerated.

    1. Before making the deal ask all the questions you will need to get answered.
    2. We recommend as a payment system. It protects the buyer and seller. This is not the only way or guarantee of receiving anything, but its
    better than sending a money order to some guy you never meet before!
    3. Send payment quickly! Do wait 2 weeks then send the payment and think the seller is going to run right out and ship your item.
    4. Once you have received the item, please post that its to your satisfaction or dissatisfaction?
    5. The first reply post that shows intent to buy pending more information in the thread (NOT via PM) is first in line to buy the item. ** BUT ** If the sellers item description indicates otherwise, the sellers rule takes precedence.
    6. As a buyer, we do not suggest sending a PayPal payment as a "gift" to the seller. If this is done, its not only against PayPal rules, but it also prohibits you from making a claim if the item is not as described or not received.
    7. All offers MUST be presented within the thread. Private Message (PM) deals will not be tolerated.

    Wanted or WTB items:
    1. ALL offers and deals MUST be done on the forum and NOT in private messages!
    2. Once the deal is agreed, please mark the thread on the WTB section, "Deal Pending".
    3. Once the transaction is complete, please post in your thread as "Item Found."

    Itrader Function:
    After a transaction, please rate how it went. Be honest and detailed.

    The persons rating will be seen on the far right, along with users Join date, Locations and so on.
    (see picture)

    You can see all the people that have been left feedback by clicking the "Itrader" button at the top of the page (see picture below).
    Users will be able to leave 10 new reviews per day. The reason its set this high is for forum users that would like to use the Itrader system to update past experiences. After a month or so, it will be dropped down 3 reviews a day.

    If someone causes problems OSE will have no problem contacting the proper authorities! We will use all the resources in finding people's names, addresses, emails and IP addresses. Including the database from Offshore Electrics Inc. and Offshore Electrics Forum. Please contact us if there ever is an issue.


    Jokes and Funny Links Section:
    This is the only section where cursing is allowed in Jokes. No links to P0rnography or nudity! Violators of this will be banned!

    * Notifying moderators:
    If you find a thread that's in violation of any of the above rules, please click the icon on the post that's in violation. See the attached picture.

    Any violations of the above rules will cause the violators to be banned.
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