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Thread: does more volts + less amps?

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    Default does more volts + less amps?

    :rolleyes: Just wondering if I run my triton 9xl, x445 prop on 5s will it draw less amps than with 4s, all things being equal ?

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    Usually, if you up the voltage keeping the load the same, the current drain will also increase. Usually.

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    if you put more volts the motor will run faster so you will have to use a smaller prop in order to keep the same amp rate
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    At the same wattage, your amp draw will be less with higher voltage, (watts/volts=amps). You may still need to prop down in this case since since the rpm increase (if my math is correct) would be near 6000. Find the right prop and you will go faster. I'd start with a 1.4x40 and work up in size, I'm thinking you'd end up using an X640, maybe an X642. My triton seems to handle better with the higher pitch/ smaller diameter props. Good luck:)

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    Also remember that with LiPos it is going to be lighter than the same thing with NiMh. You just do not need as much torque to push them.

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    Add one cell to your current setup and you will pull more amps, period. Like stated above, you may need to go to a smaller prop to keep the amp draw under control - but that doesn't mean you'll go slower. What you should aim for when adding voltage is to hold the amp draw the same that was safe before, the extra volts will increase the watts (horsepower). You usually adjust the amp draw with prop choice.

    Theoretical examples:

    4S = 14.8 volts. At 60 amps x 14.8 volts = 888 watts = 1.2 horsepower
    5S = 18.5 volts. At 60 amps x 18.5 volts = 1110 watts = 1.5 horsepower

    The rpm with 5S is higher so the smaller prop can take advantage of the extra 0.3 horsepower.

    BTW, forget about the weight thing - with a 5S setup you'll never notice a few ounce weight savings. Torque requirements will not change either. Don't get caught up in old skool thinking with modern LiPo power...remember it's the 21st century.

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