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Thread: Twin motor 42" mono build/experiment

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    Default Twin motor 42" mono build/experiment

    Hey All

    I'm building a scratch built 42" mono loosely modeled after the Age of Sail Cigarette. I bought the plans from them for the 36" Cigarette then lengthened it to 42" and widened the beam to 12". I have most of the parts from other builds so this is meant to be a fairly low budget build. For the fact that I'm using mainly leftover parts, I'm not expecting this to be a race machine nor will I be looking to make top speed runs, but rather have a semi fast boat that my son and I can race each other with our other scratch built cat.

    I'm going to need some help is picking out a few parts that I will need to buy. Being this is going to be a bit of a ba$!*#d I don't expect anything more than hopefully some recommendations.

    Here's what I'm starting with:

    42" x 12" Cigarette style mono, weight TBD.
    2x 3680 1250kv brushless motors
    2x 78mm stingers
    Left and right 3/16 flex cables
    Most of the hardware pieces for the rudder, cooling, servo, etc.

    What I need help with:
    ESC's will 2x 150A be ok, or should I go up to 180's
    Props, just looking for a starting point, will likely go with OSE's CNC aluminum props to start with.
    Receiver, this will be my first twin motor boat, will a 3 channel work? 2 ESC's 1 servo. Am I missing something lol.
    Batteries, I have everything to run anywhere from 4s to 8s. I was initially planning on 1 6s battery per ESC? Recommend something else?

    Again, I'm not looking for anything near perfection, I'm a noob compared to most on here, and admittedly get lost on some of the lingo the more experienced builders use. I build/rebuild full size boats on the side so the hull part is not an issue but still learning the RC side of things.

    If I need to provide more info please let me know. I will post some pics of the hull soon.

    Thanks in advance!

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    the OSE raider 150 is a good choice (for 6s max),start with 43mm props ,a 3 channel tx will work you need a Y-cabel for the 2 esc's



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