I fount a great product:
SprayMax 2 component paint in a rattle can. Covers great.
It is a urethane-based auto spray paint. There is an inner bladder that you puncture from the bottom.
Flows enough to keep orange peel at a minimum. I do recommend painting under a bright light to see the reflection to avoid orange peel.
Apply 2nd coat in about 10-15 min, or do a String test

after you are done, store in the freezer to halt the catalytic reaction. Warm the can back up with a water bath before next use.
Others have said they can use it up to a few weeks if stored in the freezer once mixed.
It is not cheap, ($20+ a can) but if want great results and you don't have a compressor +gun + materials, this may be the way to go,

I used a hi build primer, and sanded to 400 grit before the base coat.
I use 1K (single component) base

sand with 600, 800, 1000 grit as prep for the clear coat.
I used a 2K (2 component) clear, good for marine environment:

Im impressed. fantastic shine, and a polish able surface just like an automotive pant.