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Thread: Zelos 36 and Miss Geico 36 v2 battery placement

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    Default Zelos 36 and Miss Geico 36 v2 battery placement

    I have a Geico on the way and I am wondering how many guys mount your large 6s lipos in the sponsons in order to keep the CG forward and lower in the hull for better performance? 6s packs all the way up as forward as they will go but not under the deck on my Zelos pretty much results in blow overs. I know the Geico has longer struts and I wonder if they will help or moving the batts is the answer.
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    I always had better results running four 3S packs in my Zelos hulls straight across the beam... one in each sponson bottom, and two on the center tunnel, all partially under the deck. Placing larger 6S packs in the sponsons will definitely lower your center of gravity, while still allowing you room to adjust it forward and back to suit your speed needs. That's how all of my larger cats are set-up.
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