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Thread: Ammo 36-56-1200 $35 shipped!

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    Default Ammo 36-56-1200 $35 shipped!

    Thought this was sold, but buyer couldn't follow through so I'm posting it here too.

    Ammo 36-56-1200Kv motor. Ran about total of 6 laps in motor comparison testing and never even got above 90 degrees, so in new condition. We just chose to go with a different motor for what we were doing. I hear airplane guys really like them, but maybe one of us boat nuts has a need for one too. Just trying to recoup some of what I spent for club testing. 3.5mm connectors installed on it. The original 4mm's can be sent if you want them. Comes with original packaging and mounting screws. Motor runs great, barely used.

    Price $35 (free shipping in continental US only.)

    Classic Thunder Commissioner
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    Is it still for sale.

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    Thanks for the reply, but I sold it a while back.




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