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Thread: couple of qeustions.

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    Exclamation couple of qeustions.

    okay so first off, i have had my mini rio for less then a week and it would not plane no matter what i did with sinkers or anything. you would have to push/toss the boat to get it to go n plane and then it would stay up until knocked off then it would be a slow ride in. so i took in to the lhs i bought it from, after three days he finally touched it to see the drive cable was seized and the water what was coming in was seizing the motor bearing. the only thing was he told me to put a few drops of canola oil down the tube and one where the motor bushing is, so i did that and now he blames me for doing something bad! what a nice guy! If he tries to make me pay for what he has done to fix it i will sue him.

    so he *said* he will ring tomorrow but i wont hold my breath coz he is a liar. i really wish there was a good lhs near me.....

    so anyone know if this prop will stop my probs coz guys on other forums said that this will;

    also i will buy 2 of these to extend run times and power;

    and will use castrol marine grease for the cable, as it being thicker and water proof.

    ?????thanks in advance????????????

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    I've used these on my rio's with good results.
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    i found that on a stock mini rio the glassfilled 30x4 from offshore electric is the best prop with out hurting the pocket and it planes instantly also if you wanna be real cheap take a cig. lighter heat the stock prop up a bit and bend the blades back till they hit the shaft and it helps alot



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