As part of this incredible hobby, there's one piece of 'equipment' at all need/use - a pit mat. It didn't matter whether it's only for home use, or whether it's something we take with us everywhere we go with our RCs. Heck, many of us have more than for home, one for "one the road", and maybe even 1-2 for use as 'loaners', or those times when we need a larger "protective" workspace. The point is (as mentioned above), it's something we ALL need, and we all use (ok, so there's probably solve who don't bother...but, let me ask those, "How many parts have you lost and/or scraped up, because you didn't have/use a mat?").

Many of us avoid black mats, primarily because many parts (especially plastic) are black, and they blend in too easily. I'll admit, I have a black mat, but only because of was the only color the LHS I went to had (truthfully, there are several other LHSs I could have gone to, including two others in the same city). Once they got more in, I also picked up a blue one (probably the second most-common color). But, this isn't about black or blue pit's for all the "unusual" ones people might have.

So, what is a pit mat? I mean, what is a pit mat really? Truthfully, it's nothing more than a yoga mat, cut down in size to smaller dimensions. And, when you think about that point, it's kinda funny. Why? Most pit mats sell in the $20-35 price range, whereas most yoga mats sell for $20, or sell. In other words, when buying a "pit mat", we're actually paying 'more for less'. As such, I decided to just get a yoga mat...and, one of a different (brighter) color, so as to help parts "stand out" this case, teal.

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