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Thread: NAMBA District 5 TIME TRIALS 2021

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    Default NAMBA District 5 TIME TRIALS 2021

    Hi everyone,
    You will need to enter the NAMBA District 5 Time Trials on the District 5 website from now on at under the link Race Entries. NAMBA will be holding a Time Trial the 3rd weekend of every month weather permitting or unless a Heat Racing event is scheduled for that month. Or it interferes with another scheduled event.
    The registration fee is $25.00 for the 2 day weekend and you can run as many boats as you like!
    The witching hour is the last hour before dark for those of you who are within 10% of the record.

    Please enter the classes you will be running in the section provided so I can set it all up in the computer the night before. That way I will be ready when you are first thing in the morning. That way I don't have 18 sets of eyes on me wanting to run boats and I don't have anything in the computer or on paper yet!ops:

    You can use PayPal or Mail - in
    Thank you, Kim Grim

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    Sounds good! How late can we enter. I watch the weather specifically wind and before I drive 800 miles and book rooms. I want to be relatively sure I won't be rained or blown out. Two to 3 days out forecast is usually pretty accurate. Tunnels and smaller cats can't take much wind. We will be there for sure.

    Mic Halbrehder
    IMPBA 8656
    NAMBA 1414



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