most ZTW-Threads cover the topic on how to get them to work by calibrating them to the RC.

I am actually interested in another topic.

Several chinese ESC have worked out to be reliable and capable of quite high currents (Turnigy 180A V2, Flycolor 150A and labled versions of that one, ...). They can be pushed very hard when you run them disciplined in SAW operation, perhaps modify them with some caps and better cooling...

I have seen some different technical ratings of the ZTW Seal 200A:
Both say 200A continuous current but OSE and some other vendors rate 300A burst current while the manufacturer says 1200A burst.

My observation so far is that for example the flycolor 150A gives a technical rating of 900A burst (10s) and 150A continuous and when you crosscheck with the MOS FET-Rating this is challenging but there are reasons for it .
My experience is that pushing these ESC to 500A burst is no problem when modifying them slightly with some cooling improvements and caps , you will not need burst for 10sec anyway.

The ZTW200A Seal are capable of 8s but they are also much more expensive (about 4 to 5 times more expensive) so just trying out is a different topic

Is there a reason why Manufacturer and vendors have so much different ratings on burst?
There might be more experience on the 300A Seal. It is the same there:
The vendors rating says 300A continuous and 350A burst while the manufacturer says 1800A burst (same ZTW link as above).

I have not read about dying ZTW a lot so they should be quite reliable?

What do you think about the differences of vendors-rating and manufacturers rating?

Regards, Eike