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Thread: Where can I get these props???

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    Default Where can I get these props???

    They are made by Venom as an upgrade for the King Of Shaves cat. 4mm shaft and 32mm diameter. They are aluminum and come in plain or red anodized. I had a left and raight pair of the red and the plain but lost both left rotation props due to breaking shafts. I think I have the shaft issue under control now I need more props. I know there are some plastic props that are cheap but I have been able to compare the razor sharp aluminum props to the plastic and obviously the more expensive aluminum props perform better.

    I really don't care if they are red or plain aluminum. I just want a couple pairs CW and CCW. Also, they do NOT need to be Venom brand. I just want some quality 32mm x 4mm shaft props either aluminum or SS.
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