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Thread: 50" Aeromarine Apache. Ongoing project, 99% done!

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    Default 50" Aeromarine Apache. Ongoing project, 99% done!

    Hey guys been a while. I got busy with life and haven't had time to play with the RC toys for a while. New baby (2 years old now) and a bad health scare in may 2018 almost took me. Better now and getting back into it. My older son is 11 now so I am slowly getting him into faster boats. Anyway this hull I have had since 1999. It has had several gasoline engines and a few years ago I converted it to electric. It sat for a while then I got it going then it sat again. Well I think I have it done.

    This thing runs amazing. My only issue is the U-Joints between the drives and transom. These are AMPS drives from the 1980's. Parts are near impossible to get so you have to "rig" and fabricate parts but when they are dialed in they work great. Pretty much everything was bought from OSE except the outdrives and the hull.

    Quick video of the drives. This was before the boat was fast. LOL. I'll try to get some better video.
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