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Thread: HELP -Looking to upgrade the ESC AND MOTOR in my PROBOAT Sonicwake 36???

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    Default HELP -Looking to upgrade the ESC AND MOTOR in my PROBOAT Sonicwake 36???

    I am currently running my stock motor and stock Dynamite ESC but looking to do some upgrades to the ESC and change out the Motor! I have narrowed it down to a Seaking V for my ECS and a Leopard motor!
    I know its a tight fit in the Sonicwake 36 Proboat! If you have done some upgrades, let me know your thoughts and opinions! Also, not looking to run it on 8s only 4 or 6s! I heard a good ESC to buy would be the SEAKING V 120A and trying to figure out what size Leopard motor would be fit this Seaking v 120 ESC? Here are the spec for the Leopard motor SERIES:

    Would this combo be a good fit for my SW PROBOAT?
    Leopard 3674 X2 4-Pole Brushless Inrunner Motor 1900KV AND a Seaking 120 V ESC?

    Specs FOR THE seaking 120 v ESC
    Specifications: -Cont. /Peak Current:120A/720A -Input:2-6S LiPo 6-18 Cells NiMH -BEC Output:Switch Mode:6V/5A Wires & Connectors: -Input Wires: Red-12AWG-200mm*1 Black-12AWG-200mm*1 -Output Wires:Black-12AWG-150mm*3 -Input Connectors: No -Output Connecotors: No (Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.) -Size:68.5x39.4x32mm
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    The sonicwake comes with a 3674 1900 kv motor and what is a rebranded SK120 esc. Why would you upgrade with basically the same?
    An upgrade would be a 4074 around 1600kv motor and OSE raider 150.
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