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Thread: Voracity needs some help.

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    Default Voracity needs some help.

    Ok.... here's what I got . She's all stock and she ran and handled great tilllll.....I hit something and ripped the rudder support out of the back of her and destroid a nice prop. I looked at OSE store and everything is outta stock. What other places do you guys use for parts. I need a flex shaft and props...

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    You can use any 3/16 upgraded flex cable from OSE and just cut it to length. The length of the stock Voracity cable is quite short. Prop wise, it all depends on what you're looking to accomplish. You can go small with something like an m447, or a little bigger like a 452. I ran a 447 3 blade quite a bit on the stock setup, but with reduced run times. ABC, a 1915 is about the biggest prop the stock system will take for speed and very short run times. The ABC 1815 or 1914 give a little more headroom, but still faster than stock.

    As for the repair, the hull seam across the transom runs right across the top of the plastic transom doubler inside the hull and is an extremely weak point. Because the hull slopes inward at that point, you can't reinforce the seam with the doubler alone on the inside. I ran a large bead of chopped carbon fiber and epoxy along the seam, then redrilled the hole for the water cooling tube. The original version of that boat did not us a break away rudder design. They revised it and added a break away rudder later on in the production. I swapped mine over, but it was still too close to the larger props causing damage during a crash and ultimately switched to an aftermarket rudder with a longer setback to clear the prop entirely. The seams along the side of the hull are also very week and should be reinforced with a fiberglass or carbon fiber strip along the entire lengtha

    Beautiful boat, weak hull.
    Vac-U-Tug Jr (13mph)



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