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    There was this Preacher and Airline Pilot that pass away at the same time. They both ascended into Heaven at the same time, arriving at the Pearly Gates at the same time. The Preacher being a man of honor and great faith let the Airline Pilot meet St Peter first.

    The Airline Pilot stepped up to St. Peter and proclaimed his name. St Peter looked in the huge book of good names for the pilots name. After the 4th name on the first page (the Pilots Name) St. Peter welcomed the Airline Pilot into Heaven and gave him a golden staff and silk robe. The Airline Pilot waved to the Preacher and walked into Heaven.

    The Preacher stepped up to St Peter and proclaimed his name. St Peter looked in the huge book of good names, turned multiple pages, and finally found the Preachers name on page 12. The Preacher was a little concerned, but thankful St Peter found his name. St Peter welcomed the Preacher into Heaven with a wooden staff and cotton-linen robe. The Preacher took the gift, but was very confused, so he spoke up. The Preacher questioned, "St Peter, Why does the Airline Pilot get silk and gold, yet I get wood and linen? I have preached the Good Word for our Lord for 58 years!"

    St Peter replied, "My fellow brother, you have served the Lord well in 58 years. Our Lord is grateful to all who praise Him. But, during those 58 years, most of your congregation fell asleep during your boring sermons. Where as the Airline Pilot who flew for 12 years, THOSE PASSENGERS PRAYED EVERY-TIME HE WAS ON THE FLIGHT DECK!"
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    AMEN! that's Fargin Funny!



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