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    Little Billy was working on English/Language homework one night with his dad. Billy had two words that he needed to make sentences out of and did not understand the words.
    1st word was 'confident'. He asked his dad, "Can you help me with this word, confident?" Dad replied, "Sure son...let think....OK, I got it! I am confident you are my son." Do you understand how that work is uses? Billy replied, "yes dad...thank you!" Billy scribbles on his notebook paper....

    Little Billy gets to the second word...'confidential'. Billy is confused, so he asked his dad to help again. Dad replies, " think I have a good sentence, son....Billy, you know the little friend next door you play ball with all the time?"

    Little Billy replied, "You mean my BEST FRIEND, Little Johnny?"

    Dad urgently replied, "Yes son! I am confident HE is my son too, but THAT is confidential!"

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    ahahha that is funny and sad at the same time
    it reminded me jokes about neighbours that are look the same as your kid, I had the same situation with my friends when I lived in the property in Czech Republic here
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