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    Hello all,

    I have been out of the FE game for awhile and my boat has been gathering dust in the basement for a few years now. I figured now was a great time to get back into the hobby. I finally got it back up and running again and I am looking at getting a new propeller. I have a Fightercat 37" Shocker running on 10S with a Fightercat 300A ESC and a Neu motors 1530 1Y (1100kv). Batteries are SPC 5 cell 5000mah packs wired in series. I've had them for a long time so I forget, but I think they were 50C or above. Currently it is spinning an ABC 1916-17 wheel which I feel is too small for that motor. As I am always looking to go faster so what would you recommend for a more aggressive prop? I don't really have a speed goal because I don't know what would be a realistic goal. I guess I should say my goal is to go as fast as the ESC will allow without popping it. Should I just send it on 12S

    Edit: Added info
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    37" Fightercat Shocker powered by Neu 1530 on 10S



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