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    Just getting started in RC Boats. Been doing RC aircraft and RC for sometime. Trying to learn more of the Boat operation. I have built several boats, none are fast boats just scale boats i have operated over the years. Latest project is a 50"x16" 10lb. speck of a Navy SOC Mark V. I don't really know where to start in equipping with electronics. I got some help from Steven Vaccaro, (thanks Steve). I am looking to put two engines to propel the vessel. He suggested using Two TFL small jet drives two leopard 3650 1650kv with 1/8" shaft leopard 3640 water jacket two raider 150 esc two 3s 5000 lipo pack. One of the question I have is does anyone have a suggestion of what type of receiver and servos should i purchase to complete package. All of my equipment is spektrum and would like to keep thing alike. My current radio is a DX8 that i use for flight. Should I move to a surface type radio? Would like help with a simple schematic and any other ideas. The vessel will also be equipped with some lights so i would like at least several channels for other options.


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    I would recommend a surface radio.....Spektrum makes several...along with their marine receivers.......



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