Finally finished off a new rigger. This will not look like anything else out there as it is a custom build.
The sponsons are Kiwi rigger, which will be unknown to just about every one as they are a New Zealand design and there are few out there. The tub is OD and the canopy was made from the original canopy from the one the sponsons came with. I was given that rigger by a late club member Darcy Baker, great guy who passed away a couple of years ago from cancer.
Next Month we will have our second annual Darcy Baker Memorial Hydrofest. I have deliberately worked to have it ready for that.
It is set up for now with a Turnigy SK8 850kv motor and HK Yep 180 esc on 10s, but will get changed over to 6s with a TP 4060 1620 kv and V2 T-180 for our club 6s class.


Next build will be....