It?s been a while since I have been on here and I don?t think I have ever really spoke much about this boat almost 12 years ago now. This was my second boat build and I wanted a twin cat. My first build was building a T29 with SV27 parts, I didn?t know what I was doing at all. Basically all I did was call up the FE boat shop and tell a certain individual what I wanted to do and he sold me the parts for the build. Basically I told him that I wanted a boat that could blow itself out of the water and that?s what he did lol... Straight away I didn?t like the engine mounts and so I went to the metal store and made my own with 1.5?x 1/8? flat aluminum bent into a 90 and drilled holes for the motors. The other thing I ended up doing is making a servo mount that bolted to the transom and hung , weird but it worked great and it gave me extra room to series up 6 2s batteries for 6s 2p. Made a rudder extension and everything else was a crapshoot. I just built it and really didn?t know anything lol