I have a Dumas 48" PT 109 started building 10 yrs ago finally getting to it again. I have 3 astroflight cobalt 25 motors and one older Astro flight electronic speed control Model 208D, will have to order 2 more they said the old one should still be good(never used). I need help regarding the battery set up for these 3 motors what kind etc. and I will be holding off on the speed control in case someone can suggest were to get the complete set up for battery to speed control to motor. Also I have 3 props, 2 left and 1 right. If I remember right the right hand is the starboard prop and the 2 left is center and port side. Can all motors one in forward or does one have to run in reverse? New to this so please help. Would like to order what I need through this forum.

Thank you