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Thread: UL-19 4s Motor/Prop Recommendations

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    Default UL-19 4s Motor/Prop Recommendations

    A buddy of mine has a UL-19 he wants to run at the IMPBA speed trials in Flint coming up. Looking to get a 4s specific setup in the boat so we are legal and competitive. Thanks.

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    Straights or oval?

    I must confess first that I've not spent much time with that hull to find the sweet spot but I do know the motor/esc combo. You'll likely only be able to turn around an ABC 1815-17-45 on the stock electronics. That's assuming the boat is running light and free. If it's plowing or hopping a lot that prop may de-solder the motor leads. Just going straight it may not de-solder but in the oval it's possible. If it's not quite perfect, a safer prop might be an 1814-17-45 for oval. You'll want 4s5k total at least. The Turnigy Graphene cells have really good discharge numbers but they are ginormous. I'm using Roaring Tops this season. My kids P Sport carries 8800 mah but he's running over 70mph for a full 6 laps.

    The P sport class oval time is pretty stout. The oval record has been set on that pond a half dozen times now I think. It will be tough to get there with a stocker. Those times and speeds that guys have run are the result of a lot of fiddle farting around to find the right boat, the right motor combo, the right prop that they dreamed up staring at the ceiling one night. Some of them have turned 100's of laps to find the right line for their particular boat. Sometimes it's blind luck too.

    Don't get discouraged. Approach the time trial with the mind set that you're there to have some fun and learn a bit. The guys that attend that gig are a small group of really good dudes. I may be able to make it too so there are exceptions to that rule. haha Hope to get there at least. Few new things to try. Not likely record worthy stuff for me but it's nice to get real numbers instead of me looking at it saying "well, that looks faster". I always think I'm really fast. Then I run it through the lights and........oh no...............well.....that sucked.

    If yer interested in racing the UL19, our local club has a class just for that power setup. Falls right in to Limited Sport Hydro. We're a NAMBA club vs IMPBA. IMPBA doesn't have it so the UL gets lumped in with the P boats. We race P sport too but we also race limited sport. The local yocals race once per month in Shelby Township. Shoot me a PM about that if it interests you guys. Don't skip the trial though. That's cool just to watch for me. Sometimes I'll go with no boats at all.
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