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Thread: ESC capacitors HELP NEEDED!

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    Default ESC capacitors HELP NEEDED!

    Can anyone tell me how the caps are wired in to the battery leads on a Dynamite 120 amp marine ESC? I have an old Prather deep v l converted over to electric but while designing another elaborate but useless function for it to perform l accidentally shorted the two caps that were wired into the series input cables. I don't think anything else was harmed as they just fell off leaving two nicely tinned bare spots. Unfortunately there was not enough left of the caps or the little circuit board to figure out how they fit in the circuit. I have capacitors and a soldering iron and the weathers is beautiful so if there is anyone that might be able to help l would greatly appreciate it,
    Thx, BobbyD
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    Technically, you don't need them to run that ESC as long as you insulate the bare wires to prevent a short.
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