I just lost one of these esc "s due to a violent flip which tore my battery pack loose and opened the hatch. I had been running it for two years. It felt like loosing a friend.
The question now is - I had two brand new ones in a drawer for quite a while. I selected one and did all the necessary soldering. Everything else in the boat was savable so I put it in and then
tried to program it with the Hifei Program Box V2. It would lite up with the initial screen but would not allow me to program. After many attempts I gave up on it and pulled the other 240 out
of the parts drawer and hooked it up the same way (per directions) the only difference being it was not in the boat. It programmed perfectly. HELP!!

BtW I also tried the one in the boat with it being connected to nothing else just as the second one was on the bench (disconnect motor and UBEC and of course receiver) It still would not program.
The one in the boat does work on the bench - rudder and rotation - it counts the cells at startup - I guess it is running the initial factory program. I was able to do throttle calibration.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Maybe a problem with the little short programming lead ? If so how to fix? Thanks for your time -