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    Default Powerhobby batteries

    Has anybody used this brand of batteries and if so how did they work out for you? I planned on using them for P mono racing.
    Powerhobby 4S 14.8V 5200mAh 50C Lipo Battery Soft Case 4-Cell w EC5 Plug


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    Jerry, I'm surprised that no one jumped in by now, so I'll give it a try :

    Know that many hobby grade battery offerings are just re-branded private label items made by one of the very few primary OEM's in China. As far as the Powerhobby batteries you mentioned, they seem to be just that AND like most battery products aimed at the RC Car market they are 5200 MaH capacity - AND if, as you state, you're going P-Mono racing,
    the class (at least in NAMBA but I'm pretty sure in IMPBA as well) you can only have a max of 10K MaH on board.

    For a few dollars more ($12 per battery) you can have top-notch race packs from one of our racer-vendors : *

    *OK - plus connectors & shipping BUT still a better deal
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