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Thread: Sarasota-Ft Perce club runs.

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    Default Sarasota-Ft Perce club runs.

    I have been doing some traveling in August and want to update what is going on in central Florida for FE racers. Both clubs are running heats in what amounts to a controlled scrimmage. Winning glory only till the clock starts for the next heat.
    Went to the Wave Blasters in Ft Pierce a couple weeks back and weather shortened the day but there was a good turnout. P/ltd mono, cat and offshore. P mono, P hydro and Q-Mono/cat all made 3 or more boats. Some pretty stout competition on a short 1/8 mile course. Good pit area and some covered space lakeside. I believe they run once a month these days working around other full races.
    Last Sunday in Sarasota (Akerman Park Lake) they had a good turnout. P/ltd mono 5, P/ltd cat 3, P hydro 6, P jersey skiff 4, Q cat/mono 3. and 2 in the new Q/limited class (mono-cat-tunnel) Ran two rounds plus some open water and grudge racing. The Sarasota club runs the second and fourth Sunday each month weather permitting.
    Add 5 classes in NAMBA D-3 races and now 2 Brandon FE only races we have plenty of opportunity for FE growth here in Florida.
    Have not been to the Villages but maybe this winter. Side bar look on RCRacing Events as I am going to post the Brandon 1 day fall race this week. November 24th is the date.
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    I need to get busy building a boat for the Q Limited class! Should be an interesting class, as the only limit is motor size- 40 x 74 maximum.



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