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Thread: Simple 4s mono ?

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    Default Simple 4s mono ?

    Hi all my Finch 32'' wild thing mono set up on 4s 2p rtr weights 116 oz or 7.25 Lbs . Would this be considered a heavy mono for 4s set up ?Regards Andris Golts.

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    I think that heavy for 4s. But that's just my opinion

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    I was curious so I weighed my DF33 with hardware and a TP 4050 motor, 6 1/2 lbs without batteries. Add 10000ma and just over 8 lbs. Has been very competitive and if any lighter it might not finish as well. Your Finch should be fine.

    Mic Halbrehder
    IMPBA 8656
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    weight is your friend when racing in rough or windy conditions.

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    A heavy boat will not be disadvantaged as far as top speed goes, the only downside may be how quickly it gets up from standstill, which generally is not a problem. Like has been said, the extra weight is an advantage in rough water. Of course I am talking in relation to oval racing and not SAW, that has different dynamics.
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