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Thread: 1/4 Scale Tunnel nitro convert to electric????

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    Default 1/4 Scale Tunnel nitro convert to electric????

    Hello. I would like to know if someone can tell me what would be the right combination to convert my DPI 1/4 scale tunnel to electric? The tunnel is 48 inches long and weights aprox.,10 lbs. I have a K&B 13cc outboard on it right now and I want to convert to electric. I am racing in an X class,so I would like to set it up to race at least 7 to 10 laps. I would like to know what size electric motor I would need,what speed control,what size of batteries so I can do some oval heat racing. I would like to know about getting as much duration time on running and what adapter I need to bolt on my K&B lower unit for the motor?
    Thanks. I am running an X 450 3 blade prop Octura.

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    What are the rules for "X" class?

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    up where we race you can run anything that doesn't have a 3 boat minimum. I run my cat etc. I want to know if someone would know what to do for the set up I'm looking for.



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