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Thread: Enforcer Stingray, vintage 2003, G260PUM issues

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    Cool Enforcer Stingray, vintage 2003, G260PUM issues

    I'm new to the forum. I joined for some advice and maybe to help as well.

    I have a 2003 Enforcer Stingray (shovel nose hydro). I'm a one owner. I can't seem to get the engine tuned to run consistently across a broad range of RPM's. I am work on it in the garage and always have water going to the head, new plug, reset the needle valves to factory settings, water pump works fine... can't figure it out. It runs OK on idle but stalls when throttle advanced. OR, runs at higher RPM but stalls when RPM is decreased.

    I live near Morehead City, NC and I am about ready to take it to someone who can figure it out. Making me crazy.

    Any advice... much appreciated.
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    Your needle setting should be from fully wound in, 2 turns out on the low and 1 turn out on the high (pretty sure it's that way round). You will struggle to get it working well with that deep vee header. The length from the head to the centre (point where tha two cones meet) needs to be 330-340 mm. Prop, strut height could come into play as well. BTW most boats do not run a clutch or pump, the water from the pick up when it is running is sufficient. Other than that you would be best to try and find some gas boaters near you. Try also Jim's Rc boat dock for more help from the gasser community.
    Not to be exclusive but the majority of experience here is electric, unless you want to convert it of course.
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