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Thread: Realistic steering for scale outboard set up

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    Default Realistic steering for scale outboard set up

    Hey guys, I realize this is not a displacement type hull question, but my thinking is on the scale side of things this ought to be a good place to ask.

    So I’m building a model of a 16’ Southfork V bottomed Jon boat. This is a project I’ve worked on and off on for 5 years or so. It’s balsa and lite ply construction, my own design. Basically it’s a 1/10 scale model of a fishing boat my dad and I bought a few years back.

    I’m using a kyosho Jackson 54 outboard to power it, and am having a tough time coming up with ideas to make the steering look realistic. I didnt want to use typical pushrods as it will take away from realism, but was thinking more of a teliflex single cable set up if you guys know what I’m talking about. I am just not sure what type of flexible pushrod I should use. It would need to make a fairly tight (by rc standards) bend so I’m thinking of a small cable and liner? Or I was even thinking of the older style pull-pull cable steering for it, but am really having a tough time finding any info on this.


    I am a bit out of the loop here, I was a big fast electric guy 15-20 years ago, and scale boats are entirely new to me. Thanks a bunch!

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