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Thread: Do you know DOCTORPROPS ?

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    Exclamation Do you know DOCTORPROPS ?

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    Awesome. Everybody loves them. Limited selection but getting better. Expensive and 6 weeks wait but RTR too. Still working up the nerve to buy some. I guess you need to be quite certain about what you want?? He does have an exchange policy.

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    Not personally, but I have spoken to him online and about half my local boat racers use his props. For Naviga racing at least, they are the best out there. I would happily swap my box of 40 or so Octuras for a dozen DrProps.

    I only see 2 things wrong with them the price is rather high if you are used to working on your own props and they are made in batches to order so sometimes you can wait a long time for your prop to be made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfa Spirit View Post
    I think it will not works with your DrMadtrust !

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    Great props and reasonable prices. Drawback is time. Shipping from the Ukraine can take 2 months and he doesn't stock every prop so you may have to wait longer for production time. Once you get them worth the wait.

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