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Thread: Looking for Top Custom RC Powerboat Builder\Company Help Appreciated.

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    Question Looking For Help Choosing Top RC Fast-Boat Company,To Build\Supply Boat For me?

    *Since starting my thread I have discovered a few more top companies and one in particularity "SWOOP RC BOATS" from what I have seen and read they seem to be amazing boats?

    And yet another boat just discovered,that might fit the bil??

    Amps Formula 357 SR1 54" Fiberglass or Carbon hull by WoodRC Boat Kits?
    Possibly more like a real boat than a sleak speed dart\Wedge ? if you follow me guys.?

    Hello Everyone From Norway
    I am actually English, but have lived in Norway for 16 + years.

    I have long wanted a RC BOAT ,but only now am I able to contemplate owning one.We live in the wilds, I do not work, and do not get to travel very far.I have needed an interest fr some years,and I finally chose RC POWERBOATS,and because this will be a one off purchase(never to be repeated) I thought lets go for it, and get a Top-Class one built or modified LARGE SIZE? Am not looking at any kind of RACING it will just for my own pleasure,and not GAZ orNITRO

    I am not able to build anything and when it come to the RC BOATS I dont think I would wish to build it even if I could.I must have spent 100s of Hours glued to the net,and I came across some really superb RC-companies, the following is a list of the ones that stood out for different reasons:-




    I am aware the above are all different and offer different things,just impressed by their offerings and web pages. I am very sure they are not the only TOP-NOTCH COMPANIES and their will be other companies and individuals I missed . I just need some feedback on the above plus any others worth considering. Can be anywhere in the world.

    Hope fellow members can help!

    Thanking you all In Advance

    P.S The Large Font helps me as my eyesight is not the best,.
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    Congratulation on your choice.
    The community here is extremely helpful, and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.
    There are some thing everyone will want to know, in order to make a decent recommendation.
    Lets start with the easy ones:
    What is your budget?
    Do you have any existing RC Equipment?
    How big is the lake you have easy access to?
    How fast do you want to go?
    Cheetah, Super Rio, (Mod) Starship (Mod and sold),

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    Question Good To Hear from you

    Really good to hear from you,I appreciate very much your comments.

    1.The size of boat is flexible but 35" minimum?
    2.Budget=Enough for really cool boat with all the best Equipment
    3.I have no existing RC Equipment (will need very good Charger\TX+Batteries)
    4.No access issues,Lakes at bottom of garden 60 metres

    Hope that gives us a start

    All the best Steve

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    Budget=Enough for really cool boat with all the best Equipment
    Can you post a number, so people know?
    Speed + Size = Costly.

    Further, most nice systems from big manufactures won't come with a nice battery charger, or radio.
    There are plenty of builders here that may be able to help you in your quest.

    On the lake you have access to, is it sheltered, or is there a decent wind and waves?
    This will help with hull and speed selection.
    Cheetah, Super Rio, (Mod) Starship (Mod and sold),

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    Question Trying to strike a good balance

    Great to hear from you
    I do not wish to have an open ended cheque book but I can afford most of the boats (complete) I have viewed.I dont need race tuning
    I know I need to buy the accessories as extras. and am sure folk on the forum can help me choose especially a Good and intuitive charger.and an equally intuitive pistol grip TX if possible.I dont want over engineered complicated gear.with functions I will never use, as I certainly will only ever own the one boat
    thats why I am pushing the boat out, and going for the best (within reason) for the Boat and accessories.

    Hope the above makes sense

    Regards Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerboatman View Post

    4.No access issues,Lakes at bottom of garden 60 metres

    All the best Steve
    Hello Steve,

    So lake is 60 meters long which is about 200 foot long? How wide is the lake? This could be a big limiting factor on how big and fast of a boat you want.

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    Not quite I meant to say the lakes are 60 metres from our house and are 3 interlinked lakes

    cheers Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerboatman View Post
    Not quite I meant to say the lakes are 60 metres from our house and are 3 interlinked lakes

    cheers Steve
    Oh okay that makes sense now LOL! I don't own any of the brands you mentioned but I did almost buy a Pro-Marine Twin MTR X-2. I wish I did now, I purchased a Zonda twin and the quality does not look anyway near as good as the Pro-Marine boats. The Zonda is 7 inches longer than the Pro-Marine but in the water I run it probably would have not made a difference.

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    Hello Again
    Good of you to get back to me.
    from the off I said to myself,must go for something top quality,as this is the first time I have being in the fortunate position of being able to afford a top quality Boat!The Pro Marine Boats look and sound good, but I am no expert, far from it, thats why I am on the forum asking for feedback.

    all the best and very happy boating
    Cheers Steve



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