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Thread: noob leopard motor choice for Miss Blackjack 29 advice

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    Default noob leopard motor choice for Miss Blackjack 29 advice

    I'm going to go ahead and apologize now,im somewhat of a noob. just bought a Pro Boat Miss Blackjack 29 and no motor or ESC. yesterday i bought a OSE raider 150 amp ESC and wanted to buy a Leopard motor that would be the same or higher in performance capable of running 6s without breaking the bank and burning the boat up. Suggestions please?

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    I would possibly use this one in a 29" boat. The 1400kv version for a beginner.
    Free water jacket with it too. Bargain.

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    I agree with 785, the 4074 leopard is a good size motor for the 29" proboat cats and the price is right. I would say the 1650kv wind is probably the more popular upgrade for that boat and will still run cooler than the stock 2000kv setup

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    Hi Ryan.
    I guess the 1400kv recommendation comes from me mainly running oval racing with all the turns at full noise. I only run 1250kv, 1350kv & 1440kv on 6s.
    Allows for larger more efficient props.
    But for sure Diedonman, If you are going for straightline speed runs, a higher kv can be used as Ryan suggested.

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    well i have 2 Miss Blackjacks 24 and 29. The 24 is brand new and figured i could cut teeth on that one but just the 29 to build up some to curb the itch to buy another (wishful thinking). So the 1650 is better than the stock 2000kv?

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    The original motor is great for what the boat was designed for. It was designed & released as a 4s powered boat. Not 6s.
    In my opinion, for a beginner, 2000kv is way too much for a 6s pack. You will most likely blow your 150A ESC. Especially if you have it running wet, or hopping & bouncing, or a lot of part throttle running or with the wrong prop, in the beginning before you get it all balanced & tuned up properly. That's when most beginners burn things up.
    A rev range of around 30,000 to 32000 revs, is what I aim for in my race boats.

    A 2000kv motor on 6s is trying to spin the prop at over 44,000 revs. No need for that in these boats. Things wear out or fail quickly.

    There are experienced people that do it regularly, and I admire them for it. Fweasel is one of them. But that is why he also suggested a lower kv rating than the 2000kv for you.

    Here's a handy chart to give you an idea of some ideal setups.

    Motor KV_Batt.jpg

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    "Bigger isnt always better". Ok iI think I'll go with Fweasel's recommendation and get the 4074 1650kv. BTW that chart and your explanation on what the prop is doing with the different RPM's makes perfect sense and thank you. i hope im not breaking ediqute but rather than starting a new thread i have a quick cooling question. I realize the stock cooling setup on this boat isnt quite up to par so im adding another pick up, new rudder w/ dual pick ups or a thru hull pick up?

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    Not breaking anything at all. It's your thread. Ask what you want.

    What do you mean by not up to par? I run a single pickup on most of my race boats, without a problem. But I do use 4mm ID tubing though, which allows a bit more flow.
    But where a twin pickup is used, a twin pickup rudder is my preferred option.
    Having said that though, my twin cat has 4 pickups. Two flush pickups per side on the rear of the ride pads.

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    The biggest issue with the stock cooling system is the 2000kV motor, which makes a lot of heat on 6S. The leopard motor will be considerably more efficient and will make less heat. Additional flow can be acheived with larger diameter hoe like 785 suggested. I also opened the water inlet in the stock rudder with a slightly oversized drill bit. I drilled out the brass barb at the top of the rudder as well. Be careful drilling out barbs, you can only widen them so much before you run out of material and crack them. Also, the stock cooling jacket is plumbed in backwards. Feed the rear most barb first, then out through the forward barb, which should be positioned as close to 12:00 as possible. This puts more water around the motor and less air.

    REDLINE1 retro fit a dual pickup rudder from an M41 to his blackjack. Now you can probably just start with the dual pickup rudder designed for the Veles with a little less custom work to make it fit. I prefer the look of through hull pickups myself and have been installing those on my cats more recently. Point is, there are lots of options.
    Vac-U-Tug Jr (13mph)

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    image.jpgI don't know if u can see it but the guy I bought it from drilled the the cup out both sides. It did however come with a micro water pump but says its 12v but if it works with 5v the aux 1 on my receiver should be able to power it...right?..spectrum SR310 receiver

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    I did order some 4mm silicone tubing the other day also ordered larger exhaust ports. I just don't want to take chances. I look at it this way, the less I pay for repairs, the more I can spend on new boats

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    You don't need an electric pump on these hulls.....The one you have for 12v wouldn't do much if anything on 5.... set up right you will get plenty of water flow with rudder and or thru hull pickups...

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    This is what I have. Stuffing tube oiler that is just clamped on no hole drilled, Octura flex hex cable size .187 and no tube lining (not sure if one would fit for .187 for stock tube size. Can you run without the liner? I still have stock flex and liner in descent shape but is tiny compared to the Octura. I have two different couplers and not sure which i need to use



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