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Thread: Wooden boat hulls for giveaway and sale

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    Default Wooden boat hulls for giveaway and sale

    Moving to a new place in a week, so I need to get rid of as many of these as I can.

    Local pickup only, will not ship (unless the price makes sense). Available for pickup either from Vista (92084) or within 30 miles of Irvine. Shipping these ends up being around 40-50 bucks, so it's not worth the hassle.

    I have quite a few of these hulls. Some are really good, some are pretty good but with very minor imperfections. Each can be built to run without any issues. I have build about 3 so far and ran them. Over the years we got these to a point where they run flat on water, so then all of the old boats were rebuilt to have the right amount of tunnel height, etc. The center fin helps a lot with the turning ability as long as the rudder can accommodate. Some have nice carbon fiber inlays in them that I installed at some point (really thick 12k carbon, way better than usual 3k). A few hulls are almost fully built and just need a few touches. Instead of listing each one, I am listing 2 right now, and if anyone is interested, come by and take a look at the rest. I can give away a few hulls for free. I can also sell the really good ones for 50 each (or less depending on the hull). I have no time or motivation to build any of them right now, so hopefully they go to the right hands to be build and run. Most are made of pine, some are made of poplar. Very solid and high quality construction. Made by my father who is a violin maker. I hate to get rid of these, but I have a bunch of them, so I decided to keep the very best 5 or so for myself to build later or just have on the shelf. If you have questions on how to build them, I will be more than happy to advise or even help with a few things. They are just like your regular catamaran hull, plus the center fin at the bottom. They can be built as a twin motor layout or single, depending on the speed goals. I have one that I built to run about 85 mph. Due to the extra weight they are much more stable on choppy water than light fiberglass stuff, but they do need more power to accelerate fast, so I've only built them as twins. I always do the same setup which is a pair of 240 SW esc's and 2000 or 2200 motors, the prop sizes depend on what type of running they'd be doing mostly. I install the water pickups always at the bottom of each sponson. Some hulls have painted or clear-coated lids which can be sanded down to bare wood and re-coated. All of the boats are coated with high quality west system epoxy (105/207) so all they need is just a few layers of clearcoat to be safe. I've had them for a few years and each still looks new without a single distortion.

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    I will take them!

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    I can give you a couple if you want to pick them up, but you have to come by this week as we are moving. PM me and we can arrange a time and date for you to come by.

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    WOW for this Workshop !

    Great Job
    I like the dolphins

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    I’d gladly pay shipping for just one, let it be one that still needs sanding and clear coat. It will be the first boat I actually build up for running. I’m new, only have two boats now but want to really get into the hobby. How much for shipping to Star Idaho, 83669? My daughter lives in Murietta and her husband works in Escondido if it’s possible to drop one off at the cement plant there. I’d truly like to build one up. My email is for a response. I’m new to this spot on the Internet and don’t understand just how it works. Thanks
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    No free hulls available, all gone.

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    How much?

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    I have one available for 100 picked up. The only issue is the spoiler tail piece is broken but I can fix it. It'll have a slight line though that can be sanded out. Other than this hull, I only have the ones I plan to keep for myself because no one would want to pay what I think they are worth.

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    They are beautiful, but my wallet says no. Wish I could afford one. Thanks, best of luck selling them.

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    boat is sold
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    Nice one... I gave a lot of these boats to you (namba123) for free or super cheap (20-30 bucks) to build or give to your friends at the pond, not to go and post on ebay to make profit and then post a link here. You have absolutely no integrity. Not to mention I gave you a ton of free stuff last time you came by. I actually can't believe you'd go around and do this sort of thing as I thought you were a decent person... Anyway, I hope no one ever deals with this guy here. Can clearly read his feedback on ebay to get the picture...
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    Wow, that's unfortunate

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    Tell them how we had a dead and you backed out of it and keep the boat I wanted the most.

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    Now I see what this is about. I reported you on ebay as you re-branded the boats as your own, not to mention trying to make 10 times more on them which is very unethical. There is a word for people like you, but I will refrain from name calling here because you simply don't deserve any more attention than you've got. I honestly regret ever giving you a single boat or a piece of hardware.

    Just so everyone is informed of the whole story before this gets spun out of control: This guy namba123 picked up about 5 or so boats from me about a year ago, practically for free, as I thought he was a cool dude and enjoyed the hobby, so I figured why not... I had way more hulls to give away but did not want all of them going to the same person as I wanted other people to get a chance to have them. Fast track to now, I made this thread to give away the rest (as I was about to move to a new place) and the first person to chime in to take more hulls is once again namba123, no surprise there. Greedy? Perhaps. I figure no one else chimed in, probably out of respect, so once again namba shows up at my apartment. This time I showed him most of my remaining boats. I gave away a few and the rest was sold for about $20 per boat which is pretty much free with all things considered. I also gave him a lot of different hardware parts just because. He wanted to grab two more boats, but ran out of cash, so I said he could take one home and pick up the other one later based on the promise to paypal me the same day for the boat he took. Days go by and no payment received. He kept saying how he did not want to drive to my place to pick it up and I needed to meet him closer this time (you heard that right...!). I realized quickly whom I was dealing with, so I told him to just keep the boat, no payment needed. At that point I simply did not want to see the guy again. I did not get any reply via phone so I figured he got bummed out that he would not get the other hull he wanted, oh well. I cut my losses and moved on. A few weeks later I get a paypal payment of $30 with a message saying that he's guessing he won't be seeing the other boat and a text message saying the same thing. I replied saying no, won't be seeing any more boats from me. That's the end of the story. And now he decides to post on ebay and claim we had a deal. What do you call this sort of person? You tell me because I don't have a name for it.

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    I never said they was made by me!

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    You need to stop texting me on my phone acting aggressive. You clearly have no appreciation for anything or anyone, so keep selling my boats on eBay. Do not contact me via my phone. Out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fweasel View Post
    Wow, that's unfortunate
    Too many boats, not enough time...

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    Nice! Are you making this up as you go! You are sure CRAZY! Get over your self! It has been nice with out you around the pond acting like you owned itr! Good to see you go! Not just me talking but the how club even the electric guys are good to see you go!
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    How do you have no shame? How do you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself acting this way? I am extremely tired of you. You have crossed so many lines. You have around 15 of my boats that my father built and that makes me sick just thinking about how you took advantage of me. You're a scumbag. You store all the boats in your storage and your plan was all along to list them on ebay, not give them out to people or build them yourself. You sent me texts saying nasty things and threatening me. You sound like a crazy person in this thread, but people should really read what you text on the phone. You're out of control. Do you not realize how wrong you are? All because I did not want to give one more hull that you wanted? How do you navigate through your life being such a low life? If I ever get another text from you of any sort, I will take appropriate action against you. That's a warning.

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    You set a price and then backed out of them! So Your the shameless person. You have chased off so many people at the pond and I have made it bigger! You think your a god in the Electric boating world. Your just a Joke! Even the Electric guys gave you the BOOT! You talk about me ripping you off I only paid what you asked! And talk about threats you did not but that in the text I have been in boating long before you even started and I will be here long after! Look up namba clubs and look at the SD Gassers. I and a few others started it thre years ago and now we are one of the biggest in all of namba! So stop acting crazy and trying to make me look bad when all I did is pay what you asked! I was going to keep them and Build them but I do not want any of them and YES I am going to sell them for what they will sell for. You gave me a few and now you want me to give them back ya right!~

    Good thing you moved away as no one wanted you at the pond any ways! Move on as your the one leaving the hobby not building it up! So move on!

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    You clearly have zero factual information in your posts, just a bunch of self-praising and rubbish. You simply are a greedy person, end of story.

    If the mods could please close this thread, I'd appreciate it. This has gone south. From what seemed like a nice gesture giving away some boats, it has turned into a disaster. Luckily there are decent people out there to balance out the scales. It's a lesson to be learned here and for people to avoid doing any sort of dealings with namba123.

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    Just remember it is you leaving the hobby not me! Facts are very correct! Just ask Wayne and the others that told you to leave the Electric group get a life and stop trash talking people!



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