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Thread: Miss Geico 17 Brushless/Flex Drive Conversion

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    Default Miss Geico 17 Brushless/Flex Drive Conversion

    Howdy all,

    Received a used Miss Geico 17 without battery and controller from a friend and as my son is getting into RC boats, figured I would do the brushless and flexdrive conversion with my son to see if we could make a nice handling/faster boat from it. In the end might be cheaper buying a new brushless boat, but we both like tinkering and it's a project we can both work on:) Seen couple threads on this and H&YRACING seems to have done a really nice one. Sure I will have questions along the way, any inputs welcome as I am new to RC boats, thanks!

    Yo Han

    Here's how I got the boat with the top fin broken off:

    Taped off the sponsons and used a sharp utility knife and cut out the old drive:

    Had to cutout the area where the drive shaft came up to the motor to break it free and remove it, went ahead and cut out the motor mounts as well:

    It's gone!

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    This part was bit nerve racking, I wanted to remove the top plastic to give ma more room and clean slate to work on. Might move the servo to the side like H&YRACING did on his. I stuck her in the freezer and then gently started prying around the front lip to separate the glue. Took 3Xs in the freezer. Once I broke the front loose, the rest popped off and I didn't break anything! lol!


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    Waiting on parts ordered, not sure if everything I ordered is the best for this setup, but this will be a learning experience for sure. Have following coming soon in the mail:
    - OSE 1/8" .098 flex drive
    - motor mount
    - 3900kv brushless motor
    - 2s 1550mAh lipo and charger
    - $20 strut and offset rudder(concerned on the depth i can get on the strut, but will grind out the mount hole to get more depth if I need to)
    - cooling jacket
    - 30amp ESC
    - 1.5mm stainless servo rods
    - new cooling tubes

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    I do have a question in regards to the servo. I think the stock servo is a mini servo, does this have enough torque for a boat that goes over 30mph or should I upgrade to a sub-micro or standard servo? Thanks in advance!



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