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Thread: Strut adustment simplified

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    Default Strut adustment simplified

    I was searching through some old threads today at lunch looking for pictures of a particular build when I came across this gem from Jesse J regarding basic strut adjustments:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse J
    Remember, depth controls the rear, angle controls the bow. If she runs too wet, angle it up (and vice versa). If she cavitates too much drop her down. If her back end is all over the place and doesn't tighten up in the turn, bring her back up a touch.
    I kinda knew both principles, but had never heard them put together so simply where it just clicked in my head. Thought I would give Jesse J a thank you and pass it on to others who weren't reading posts from 2009.
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    Just like trim tabs (brings the stern up if lowering them or lets the stern down if raising them up) (nothing to do with center of gravity) Tabs or strut adjustment helps tremendously with prop working the way it was intended (tabs and struts do that) Best thing to start out with is moving batteries up or back to get the boat to run it's best so it runs semi flat first. Then start with tabs/struts a little makes a difference. May have to cov and strut/tabs accordioning. Pain in butt, but to get the best it is what it is. Mainly more so for Mono's then Cat's.

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    Yes. Jesse J. is very knowledgeable and gives great advice.
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    Just for clarification, I was specifically referring to hydros and keeping all other variables equal, this is a general rule of thumb.
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