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Thread: Mini Cat Strut setup

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    Default Mini Cat Strut setup

    Howdy all!
    New to the forum and RC boats. My son has gotten into a cheap boat and loving it. Friend gave me a Miss Geico 17 and been ordering parts to get it to run faster.

    I have a lot of questions, but one of the ones I have is the strut height/depth. I'm finding mixed statements and not sure which to start with as a baseline.

    Below on the video on larger MG James's video recommends 1/8" shallower than the sponsons:

    On it states the center of the drive shaft on the strut should be level with the sponsons.

    Found the other threads here regarding switching a 17 MG to flexdrive/brushless, but no details on strut depth. Should it be level with the sponsons, lower, flush?

    Any insight greatly appreciated!

    Yo Han

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    Ordered some parts from Steven(OSE) and he answered this question for me. Will start with the bottom of the strut level or just below the bottom of the sponsons. Thanks Steven for the reply and the fast shipping on my parts!

    Yo Han



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