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    It has been many years since I've last owned an R/C boat. I picked up a Traxxas Spartan hull and am starting to build it up using stock parts except for the esc and motor. The two big things that Traxxas leaves out of its manuals is the esc amps and the motor Kv. I have found the Raider 6s 150 Amp esc. I'm stumped by the motor Kv.

    I'm looking at the Leopard 4092 (seems to match the 540 motor in the Spartan photos), but I don't know what KV I need to buy. I am not looking for all out speed. (45~50 mph?). Just easy running.

    Need some help with this one.



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    The leopard 4082 1600kv is a good choice for 6s mono, there are plenty of other options you can look at

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    The traxxas spartan ESC can handle 100 amps. You may need to change connectors to run it at 100amps without issues.

    The stock spartan motor is 1800kv and it has a 36mm can diameter.

    The 4082 1600kv is a good motor.

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    Has the OP checked the Spartan forum? Lots of great information there, by folks who actually built Spartans.

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    Thanks for the redirect. As a new member of the Forum I didn't know about the Spartan forum - Thanks.

    I decided to go with the Leopard 4074, 1800Kv and Raider 6s 150Amp esc.

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    keep a check on heat with running 1800 kv,s on 6s battery power.



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