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Thread: SG121H 1/8 Scale turn fin brace?

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    Default SG121H 1/8 Scale turn fin brace?

    I am currently getting ready to build my first 1/8 scale hydroplane from RC Boat Company, and after reading over another members thread, I am trying to find some sort of turn fin brace like this member used. This image does not belong to me, it is from catboi's thread on his sg121h build. Any help in finding this brace or one similar would be much appreciated!
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    I don't know if these would work

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    The gold parts remind me of an aluminum servo arm that’s been cut in half.

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    I am also about to embark on my first build, same boat sg121h. Steve is about 2 weeks out on my hull though. I have been studying catboi's build thread which has been very helpfull to me. Im going to try and keep my build simple and Practical. If you would like to collaborate on anything feel free to pm me.

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    Have you though about how your going to attach the cowling. I was thinking on snap on ball joints today but don’t know how hard it would be to unsnap the joint. I could always just go with flush mount magnets with a pin in the front.

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    I was thinking of using a front pin on the cockpit, and then cowl magnets on the back half of the cowl. This will provide a cleaner look in my opinion. Basically what you said with the magnets. I am still debating on if Inwant to separate the cockpit and cowl though....I'm leaning towards no, for the sake of simplicity.

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    Why do people want to separate the cockpit I find that terribly detrimental to the overall structure

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    That's a very good point....the only reason I like the idea is because it would be similar to the real thing, but now that you bring up a valid point, I think I am going to leave it attached. Thanks for the input....its great to get positive feedback and opinions from other people. By the way, Steve mentioned that he should be shipping our my hull this Friday.....we shall see.

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    I also spoke with him today he reaffirmed that my hull would be finished by months end

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    What kind of epoxy are you going to use to bond the canard and wings together with???

    West systems gflex?

    Bvm epoxy 110.00 bucks though

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    One of the plastics engineers I work with suggested this stuff called Adtech 820 with cabosil as a filler/thickener. It should be showing up tomorrow along with my hull. So hopefully this weekend I can see how I like the epoxy.



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