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    New FE racer here. I have a P-Limited Mono. If I use a heat gun to take temp readings of the motor, ESC, and battery, is there a set of guidelines for when temps are in the “green”, “yellow” and “red” zones?



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    Motor green <60C, yellow <80C, red >100C.

    ESC there isn't really a full green, any heat above room temperature reduces the life of electronics, the cooler the better, yellow >60C, red >80C.

    LiPo yellowish green 20-40C, full green 40-50C, yellow 50-60C, red >60C (hard red with a police roadblock, as at over 60C there is serious likelihood of an unstoppable thermal runaway leading to a highly energetic fire), also yellow in use between 10-20C, red in use <10C, and red <0C whether in use or in storage.
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