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Thread: 40” Orca Mono, Q Mono

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    Default 40” Orca Mono, Q Mono

    I got this boat built for me by Don Huff so I could race it in the Q Mono (6S) class, but just have too many race boats to get it going. Brand new just like I got it from him, purple metal flake top, white gelcoat bottom, Carbon cowl. Beautiful boat, they handle great in racing conditions! Price includes shipping to the US.


    PayPal for payment. Selling on several places, first come first served.

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    Price lowered, $275.00 shipped in the US

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    Its on eBay now, no reserve!

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    I would like ask you about, could you measure quickly for me the bottom vee in degree please ?!

    Thank you in advance

    I like the dolphins

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    I will have to measure when I get home.

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    Boat bottom measures 27 degree V to the best of my ability.

    Only a 2 days left on Ebay!

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    You take 200$?

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    I’ll take whatever it brings on eBay. Not gonna end the auction at this point. You may even get it cheaper than that.

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    Sounds good, I guess ill do the bid war thing. Just hate losing by a penny all the time lol

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    It arrived yesterday safe and sound. Beautiful boat! More than happy with it, thanks again!

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    Glad to hear you have it, and are happy. Put her on the pond where she belongs!!


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    Will do! Not going to skimp on any cheap parts, this guy is getting quality stuff

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    I should have answered this before, but I wasn't thinking.

    The bottom angle is 23 degrees.

    Mbires, use a gas boat sized rudder, and you won't have any trouble. The 1" speedmaster is the correct size for it, but it will bend like warm butter the first time you flip the boat. We are all using the gas boat one NOW, after bending the smaller ones.

    For more setup details, PM me.



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