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Thread: Prop for Aeromarine Challenger 31

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    Default Prop for Aeromarine Challenger 31

    Hi Guy's...

    First post here. I'm building the Aeromarine Challenger 31 with OSE's recommended motor (Leopard 4082 1600kv) and a SeaKing 180 V3 ESC. Probably run it on 6S, probably 2 3S packs in series for weight distribution. I'm wondering if anyone has set up something similar and can recommend a prop. I'll buy a few props, but I was hoping to get a good starting point, then buy a few on either side of that. That and some temp reading should land me on the right prop without buying Octura's entire inventory.

    Thanks for any input you guys may have.


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    440/3 is a good place to start
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    Different hull (31" pursuit) but same motor and ESC also running on 6 S and the boat runs real good with a X645 or a X448. Faster with the X448 but it is probably at the limit size wise. Good luck with your project.

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    Thanks guys. I was thinking 2 blade around the 46-48mm range. the 3 blade sounds interesting too though. Gives me starting point.

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    A 440/3 as dasboata suggested, is my favorite prop for that size boat with those revs. That's for oval racing. Straightline speed will be different. A Prather s220 is a good one to start with. Then maybe a Prather s225 if the temps stay low enough on the s220 after a few passes.

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    Same setup on a Deltaforce 21 Hull I run m445, m545, and m447 motor and esc are definitely not stressed and could take more prop

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