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    Hey guys I've been running nitro tunnels since 2012 in local ponds and have been to a couple Charleston races but never raced. I've started building a FE tunnel kit that was designed by someone else. I'm modifying as I build it. It will be my first Fe boat period. I am also building 2 Jae 21 G2 riggers for me and a friend that I am converting to FE while I'm building them. I will be asking some questions when I get further along. The radio box on the tunnel is a little tall so I will be cutting it down.

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    Before you cut your tunnel box down take into consideration you have to pack batteries, ESC, steering servo and rx in a narrow box. Take all the height you can get as you may need to stack things to allow battery selection and movement of weight.

    Mic Halbrehder
    IMPBA 8656
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    I need to move post this to the boat building threat I guess. The radio box was suppose to double as a cowl so it is very tall especially at the stern.

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    admin please delete. I moved this topic to the boat building talk thread



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