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Thread: Good economical esc recommendations for Castle 1717 (x-maxx)

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    Default Good economical esc recommendations for Castle 1717 (x-maxx)

    I am looking for suggestions for a economical esc. My buddy just gave me a like new X-Maxx motor (1600KV) which I believe is very similar to a castle 1717. I know it is overkill but I have a TFL Pursuit with no motor and am considering a 6s setup. I realize this may be a tad low of a KV rating for speed but I think with all the extra torque compared to a 4074 it wil have less rpm drop from theoretical to actual. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to hearing them. I am new to FE boats but not to RC. I am also interested in esc's that can be converted to water cooling, I have done several smaller castle airplane esc conversions with good success.

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    Turnigy/Hobbywing T-180
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    Thank you for the response. I like hobbywing products, I was just a little leery if 180A would be enough. It does say it has over-current protection, and I have pushed their 30A very hard with no problems.

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    you will have less amp draw when using a 6s combo as opposed to using a 4s combo. 1600 kv,s with 6s battery power is fine and with the right prop and trimming you can expect speeds up to 80 mph with this mono hull.



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