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Thread: Pistol Grip Radio with GPS Speed readout?

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    Default Pistol Grip Radio with GPS Speed readout?

    I have searched hi and low but can't find a radio with Telemetry GPS speed. Any ideas please?

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    The Hitec Lynx 4 was available with the Proton RX which had GPS. From what I understand, they have discontinued that RX. I bought a bunch when I heard, but I don't know if any more are out there for sale. The Lynx 4 with the Proton 4 has all the bells and whistles. I really like it.

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    I believe the new Futaba 7PX can use the GPS module and via telemetry show it on the radio. Futaba has not updated their compatibility document to show the 7PX and telemetry sensors.
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    I looked into the HiTec LYNX 4S and yes it has GPS speed BUT their website only seems to give info on the aircraft telemetry via videos. "How To"
    It appears to not have brushless RPM and I'm not clear if you need a "Sensor Station" to plug into the Data port for more sensors.
    I would like MPH, RPM, Amps, Volts x2, Temp x2 if at all possible. It may work if somehow using an iPad and ignoring the Tx. ???
    I find it hard to believe this isn't easily available.

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    Will you really be able to keep an eye on all those parameters when at speed?

    Icon see the use in telemetry temp sensors as they don't change instantly, so you can slow down and have a look at them without bringing the boat in, but telemetry for the others seems like a gimmick to me, I would much rather have a datalogger, so icon see all the data that is only relevant at speed without crashing.
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    Absolutely, a careful study of the data is the real answer but at the pond, A friend would be monitoring the data, + audible alerts, and I believe speed is not available in Data acquisition. The real purpose of this is to monitor temps before damage happens, then speed - RPM to access prop changes.
    I'm waiting to hear back from HiTec re options.

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    You might want to look at the Eagle Tree system. It does not have speed, but you can chart the other parameters. There is also a system that OSE sells, but also no speed monitoring.

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    I'll go with Eagle Tree, it has GPS too.
    You know as soon as I buy this, someone will sell exactly what I wanted at I/2 the price :)

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    The RCM Telemetry that OSE sells has temp sensors and speed. You can monitor the real time speed and temps, also voltage and it records the average and max and a map layout of your run. You need an android for the app, but a cheap phone or tablet to add to the system if you need is not much.


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    That's pretty cool. I didn't realize that they were both so capable.



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