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Thread: Can I reverse the “Rotation” of my motor?

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    Default Can I reverse the “Rotation” of my motor?

    Hey Guys if I want to “Reverse” my motors direction, can I just change how the 3 connectors connect to the motor? I’ll forward a pic of my motor setup. I would like to have my props turn “Inward” instead of “Outward” on my Genesis twin.....Sorry but I’m an electric newbie!! Lol.

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    Yes. you can change it any way you what till you get what you want.

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    Yes just swap any two of the motor wires.

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    Just make sure you swap the flex shafts over as well, or the shafts will try to unwind & most probably turn into a pretzel.

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    As 785boats says you must also swap over the flex shafts as well as they are wound for a particular rotational direction.

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    Thanks guys. Will swap the flex shafts over as well. I’ve been in “Boats” very long time but just very new to electric power is all. Much appreciated all the reply. You guys Rock. Ed

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