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Thread: 50" AeroMarine Apache Deep V Conversion from Gas to Electric Help Needed

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    Question 50" AeroMarine Apache Deep V Conversion from Gas to Electric Help Needed

    Hey guys - I've got a 50" deep v that I want to convert to electric but have very little knowledge on brushless boat motors, esc's, and battery combos. I do understand that the motors kv rating equates to rpm, but not sure how boat weight and prop size tie into motor and ESC selection. I did some searches on here but didn't really see anything that helped or that I at least understood. I do have a pair of 2s 30C 4000mah lipos. I'd like to keep the running hardware and most likely need to add a few things like trim tabs, water pickup(s), and maybe turn fin(s). The prop is a Octura X472. Not looking for a racer, just something to toy around with maybe 35-40mph with the option to improve performance in the future. Here's some pics of the boat and how it was setup, but never ran. Thanks for all and any help. Jon


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    That boat need a high voltage setup. Something like 10 to 12s. You need a motor with a low kv , something like 500 to 600kv. A motor with a 56mm can would be suitable, the longer the can the motor power you would have.

    You need a prop around 55mm. Octura x455 would be a good prop. You need a high voltage ESC the hifei has a 300 amp ESC which will handle the high voltage.

    And you need good cells. 6000 mah 50c cells would be a good start.

    The shaft should be 1/4 inches step down to 3/16 for the prop.

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    35-40 mph can be done with a 500 g heli outrunner and 300-350 kv on 12s or 600-700 kv/6s. On 12s. you would probably draw something like 25-40A average with the x472. So a 120A 12s esc would be more then fine. So would a 180 A on 6s.... But the setup would leave you with very little options to improve performance in the future"..Thats the tricky part. If you want "unlimited" options, you have to go heavy. Meaning big motor /esc like mentioned above.

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    Speed3 - thanks for all the information. It's a lot to wrap my head around but I'm sure it will all make sense in due time. This at least gives me some idea as to what I may need and once I educate myself on how all of this works and relates to one another, I'll start the process of building out my rig. I was thinking the prop was a little big and the Octura x455 and x457 were the two I thought may be better. Thanks again.

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    Nevs - Thanks. you had me up until 12s drawing 25-40A and a120A 12s esc and/or a 180a on I'm sort of starting to understand the motors and how they are rated IE. kv = touqer/RPM, but still have a lot to learn on how ESC's and Batteries work together with the motor so I don't blow my si## up...I appreciate your insight. Once I have a better understanding of it all I'm sure it will help play into my decision making process.



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