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Thread: New to FBG, What paint?

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    Default New to FBG, What paint?

    I'm new to working with fiberglass, and in a marine setting. I was led to believe one needs to use special coating in water to cut down on resistance and absorption (kinda like wax on skis). So what kind of primer, paint and clear coat should I be looking for? Would waxing it like skis be of any value LOL?

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    Any automotive paint. I use dupli color from O'Rielly's.

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    A lot of us have been using KlassKote with success. It is a 2-part epoxy paint.

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    Thanks Shooter, any chance this can be applied by either a hair or foam brush? I live in an apartment so I'm limited in what I can use.

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    I've heard of people brushing it before with success, but I wouldn't use it indoors without significant ventilation. It's very nasty stuff.

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    Good to know, thanks again Shooter. being in Canada once winter sets in if I'm using a rattle can I'll step out on the balcony and spray then go back in and use a hair dryer to warm and help the drying process along. I was hoping to be able to have the repairs done and boats painted by spring.. That might be an issue now....

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    If you are like me & mainly use rattle cans, then you might like Rustoleum 2X paints.
    I have great success with them.
    With any type of paint though, it is all down to the preparation if the surface.
    Make sure the surface is well sanded with 360-400 grit paper to remove all the wax from the resin or gelcoat.
    Use the primer as a base coat.

    As for waxing for speed?
    I, and many others, prefer to lightly scuff the surface that is in contact with the water. I use #400 paper.
    I like to apply a clear coat first and scuff that, rather than the actual paint.

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    Thanks again Shooter, lots of great advice.... I am tossing my self between an auto repair paint in a rattle can and the Rustoleum..... I think, I'll lean to the Rustoleum just because it is a more readily available brand and is stable in it's colours.



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