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Thread: Prather 31'' Deep vee conversion to 4s bl power ?

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    Default Prather 31'' Deep vee conversion to 4s bl power ?

    Hi all a friend is in the process of putting together a Prather 31'' fiberglass deep vee hull intended for .21 nitro power. The boat and hardware weight 42 oz for motor AQ UL-1 2030 KV 120 amp esc for lipo's 2-2s 5000 mah in series . This hull would be 1985 -1990 vintage with the prop shaft exiting through the bottom of the hull for subsurface drive set-up. ?1 has any one set-up this hull for 4s B/L power.Would using subsurface drive be the right setup? What diameter props would be recomended for this setup ? Any other set up info would be greatly appreciated . Regards Andris Golts.

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    Andris, this mono hull will go alot better if you remove that under water shaft set up and run a surface drive set up. as you know this is not a big job and the rewards will benefit you alot. for prop with this motor kv and esc size running 4s i would work with props like x440x 3 / 442 x 2 / 445 x 2. keep the props small as the esc is not that big., a 150 to 180 amp would be better.



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